Welcome to Shoal – A Dynamic Clustering Framework

Shoal is a java based scalable dynamic clustering framework that provides infrastructure to build fault tolerance, reliability and availability.

The framework can be plugged into any product needing clustering and related distributed systems capabilities without tightly binding to a specific communications infrastructure.

Shoal is dual licensed under the CDDL version 1.0 and GPL v2 license with Classpath Exception

Shoal Details

For a quick introduction, go through the Shoal Overview Presentation.

For deeper details, read the Shoal Overview document for details on Shoal's functionalities, architecture and event model.

A couple of Shoal community users have written a very nice introductory article on Shoal clustering at Java.net

Article on InfoQ about Shoal Clustering

Projects or Companies Using Shoal

Based on our download metrics and user alias postings, use of Shoal is growing and we have tracked this data on the Shoal Wiki Page.

We encourage you to add a link to your project or company to this Wiki page to enable us to track Shoal's adoption and community growth.

We welcome your testimonials about your use of Shoal along with a brief description of your project in the wiki page.

How to Contribute to Shoal

We welcome community participation and contributions to this project.

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Here are ways to contribute (For more details look here):

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